Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications (ADCA) Courses By Paharia Foundation For Health & Education
Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications
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Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications is a one-year long course. This  course is for a person who is interested in mathematics and computer technology. This course seeks to offer an advanced  understanding of computer applications. The ADCA course involves in-depth study of numerous computer software applications such as MS Tools, Internet Applications, Computer Accounting, Web Design and Development other subjects. The course curriculum ensures to provide an aspirant a deeper knowledge of the subject as well as will make the student technology friendly and skilled. The demand for technology professionals has increased a lot especially, after the digitalization that took place after COVID-19 pandemic.
This course gives you deep insights about computer technologies and here at Paharia Foundation For Health & Education, we use job-oriented professional Training Classes with acknowledged certifications & provide internship opportunities B-).
Duration:  1-YearProgram Level: Graduate  Average Salary: 3- 8 Lakhs

ADCA Eligibility

Students who wish to pursue Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) should have completed their 12th class  from a recognized board. Students who had picked Computers as their main or optional subject after 10th have an additional edge over others. Apart from this no other eligibility criteria are set for candidates. No minimum cutoff is required.

ADCA Syllabus

The Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications course covers a variety of topics like :-
•  Spreadsheet Application (MS Excel), Word Processor (MS Word)
 •  Presentation Software Application (MS PowerPoint),
 • Computer Basics, I/O Devices, Evolution of Computers over the last 50 years, Accounting Software Training on Tally
 • C, C++, HTML, Java-script, Introduction to Operating Systems Windows Family O/s,            Basics of Computer Hardware
• Management Principles (M(S), Software Installation, H/w configuration, system formatting, etc.
 •  Photoshop, Corel Draw, Office Management Schedule.
 • Graphics Designing Projects To Enable First Hand Skill Building
 •  Live Projects For Web Designing And Development from Industry

ADCA Suitability

  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications is suitable for those  students who are interested in mathematics & technology & want to pursue it as a career.
  • Students who  who want to acquire modern technologies in the subject in a shorter period of time but do not have a background in the field of computer.  
  • Students who want to pursue higher studies like masters or get into fields like web designing, artificial intelligence, robotics, animation, coding, etc.
  • Finding employment in sectors like banking, insurance, accounting, e-commerce, computer operating, digital marketing as well as in government organizations may not seem difficult for any diploma holder of this course.

How is Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications Course Beneficial?

  • Being a one year program, ADCA can help in saving a lot of time by covering all the aspects of computer technology in just a year, yet making a student into a professional.
  • Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications (ADCA) course is a graduate-level course & it allows you to achieve higher positions in less time.
  • The course can cost an individual a lot less than any degree course from a reputed institute and the program at the same time will not even make anybody feel lesser in terms of acquired qualification.
  • It offers various career options like database management, programming languages, computer software application advancement, IT security, PC Assembly,  e-commerce, database development, programming, etc.

Career Scope After ADCA

Students can opt for a variety of career options after completing ADCA  program.  Especially, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital industry  has seen an upsurge like never before. For eg- online education, online businesses, fields like artificial intelligence, web designing, software development, etc. are in  higher demand than ever.

Various Job Prospects

Networking & Internetworking field, Database Development & Administration field, Programming – Development tools, languages, Technical writing, Software design & engineering, Computer Operator, Web Designer, C++ developer, IT security, e-commerce, database development, programming, etc..

Employment Areas

Banking, insurance, accounting, e-commerce marketing, Educational Institutes, Businesses, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship & various  government organizations etc.

ADCA Salary Package

Advanced Diploma In computer Applications (ADCA) is a great career choice for computer & technology enthusiasts; people who understand & wish to attain expertise in the field of technology. The average salary of an ADCA candidate can vary from 3 lakhs – 8 Lakhs per annum, depending upon the type of job & credibility of the person. Students can also opt for higher studies like  masters in any specific field of their choice.

Will you get a certificate on completion?

Yes, candidates enrolled in this course will be provided  with a certificate that holds the grades in the field of computer science & technology. It is provided to benefit the students in getting a job with a perfect profile presentability.

Is Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications a regular/ distance learning course?

The ADCA course is offered at Paharia Foundation For Health & Education in both regular and distance learning formats. It is entirely up to you to choose the most suitable mode. Our amazing faculty will give you best experience & knowledge in both modes :-).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is  Advanced Diploma In Computer applications a good course ?

A.  Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications is indeed a good course as it forms base for higher studies like masters in short span of 1 year. This course seeks to offer an advance understanding of computer applications. There is a huge demand of  knowledgeable people for handling Computer Applications

Q.  What are the career options after ADCA course?

A. There are various career options for computer & technology enthusiasts  like  software developers, programmers, web designers, digital marketing, banking animators, graphic designers, AI, robotics, businesses, e-commerce development, entrepreneurship etc.

Q.  How long is the duration of this diploma course? What are the qualifications needed ?


A. The course has a duration of 1- year.  For Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications one should have class 12th certificate from any recognized board in any field/stream.

Q. How to get admission in Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications course ?

A. You can either apply online now or contact us personally for the admission process at Paharia Foundation. 

Also, some colleges/ institutes may perform an entryway evaluation for admission in the ADCA course. Applicants are required to submit their application before the last date of submission. The last selection will be based upon efficiency in the entryway test.

Q. Why should you choose Paharia Foundation For Health & Education?

A. Paharia Foundation For Health & Education is a registered institution with the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. We provide best quality courses at the best price. We aim to reduce the skill gap present in between the students & their dream careers. We provide absolute practical training along with theory & internship opportunities, to help you achieve success in your career.