Basic Computer Course
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 Basic Computer Course, is an ideal training program for introduction to computer for everyone. In this era of advanced technology, it has become mandatory for any person to have a basic working knowledge of a computer to get into any career field nowadays & have a successful life. 
This program will train you in basic computer skills such as – part of a computer system, functioning of the computer, basic computer applications like MS Word, MS Excel, Power-Point, operating system, etc. In other words, it is a computer familiarization program. This program is usually 3-6 months long & you will also get a certificate after the completion of the course.
Duration:  6 MonthsProgram Level: Basic  Certification: Yes

Eligibility For Basic Computer Course

There is no eligibility required for basic computer course.  Anyone can learn the basics of computer as it is the basic yet the much needed course in all fields.


 The syllabus for basic computer course covers variety of topics like:-
• MS Word
• MS Excel
• Internet – For Browsing mails & Websites
• Operating System ( Device Manager, Disk Management, etc.)
• Introduction to computer parts
• Installation ( Software, Driver, Windows etc.)
• MS Power Point ( Design, Animation, Slideshow, Review, etc.)
  After completion of this course, you will be able to implement Computer Fundamentals:- basics computer concepts, MS Word, Excel, Power point, Access, internet, emails, websites, etc.

How is the Basic Computer Course Beneficial ?

This is the best course to start your career with & is beneficial in many ways like;

 1. You can learn these skills at anytime, anywhere, even without having a computer/ laptop (how?.. at our institute ;).)

2. Its a basic course required in every career field &  is very affordable.

3.One can go for higher studies like diplomas, bachelors, masters etc.

4. It opens wide doors to thousands of career options & takes you to success,

Career Scope

The skills you will learn in this basic computer course  are the most basic yet most powerful skills to get you into your dream job & ace your career. With this skill in hand you can go for any career field you want like gaming, animation, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, government jobs, corporate jobs, entrepreneurship, anything. You can further opt for higher studies in computers like diploma/advanced diploma in computers, bachelors, masters etc.

Salary Package

The basic computer course lays the foundation stone for your career. You can enter in any field of your choice after this course & can earn whatever the amount you want to. From thousands to crores; there is no limit ;).

Will you get a certificate on completion?

Yes, candidates enrolled in this course will be provided with a certificate that holds the grades in the field of computer science & technology. It is provided to benefit the students in getting a job with a perfect profile presentability.

Is basic computer course available in distance/regular mode ?

The Basic Computer Course is offered at Paharia Foundation For Health & Education in both regular and distance learning formats. It is entirely up to you to choose the most suitable mode. We have an amazing faculty to train students in the best way in both the fromats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is basic computer a good course ?

A. Yes, this is the best course to start your career with  is indeed a good course as it forms base for higher studies like bachelors, masters in short span 3-6 months. Also, you can work in web designing, software development, accounting, robotics, AI, etc in any feild you want.

Q. What are the career options after yoga course?

A. There are tons of career options after this course like corporate jobs, software development, website development, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, teachers/trainers, cybersecurity robotics, government jobs, television etc.

Q. How to do a basic computer course as a beginner? What are the qualifications needed ?

A. As a beginner you can start by simply applying for this course here. No such qualifications are required.

Q. How to get admission in our institute ?

A. You can either apply online now or contact us personally for the admission process. You can also email or call us for inquiries.

Q.Why should you choose Paharia Foundation For Health & Education?

A. Paharia Foundation For Health & Education is a channel partner with PQMS, which is part of the Ministry of Ayush, for yoga courses & other high quality courses such as naturopathy, computer, arts, teacher training etc. We provide high-quality courses at reasonable pricing and consider your success to be our own.