Welcome To Paharia Foundation For Health & Education

Paharia Foundation For Health & Education is a registered institution with Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (Regs No.- RoC-Kanpur 130493, NGO Regs No.- UP/2020/026126).  We are also a channel partner with PQMS under the Ministry of Ayush (by Government Of India) ; for providing yoga certification courses, naturopathy, computer, art & teacher training diploma level courses.

Paharia Foundation For Health & Education aims to be the best teacher training institute, vocational institute, computer institute, Yoga Sansthan  in all over India by providing career oriented courses for your better future. Our aim is to educate the society by our efforts. We aim to spread knowledge in each  & every corner of the world;  as education is the greatest way of upliftment.

At Paharia Foundation For Health & Education,  we aim is to educate people in every corner of the country. Unemployment, starvation, ignorance, poverty & crime in a society are side effects of an uneducated society. All these problems can be solved only with education. We aspire to spread knowledge & education in all parts of the world to uplift the world.

Whether you are at your first class or your graduation, our aim is to provide knowledgeable training to our students to make sure that they achieve success in their future. Our teacher training, vocational training, computer training, & Yoga training helps you to be fit and secure your future.