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PG Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy is a 1 year diploma programme that offers immersive studies on healing aspects of  naturopathy & yoga. Naturopathy deals with the healing power of nature since it believes that all healing powers are within your body. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India aiming the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight. The course provides you with knowledge and skills for the treatment of diseases and to improve the overall health in all manifestations with the help of naturopathy and yogic science. The  course consists of meditation, study of scriptures, chanting etc. among a variety of other practices to meet the objectives of the subject.
Duration:  1 YearProgram Level: Postgraduation Type: Diploma


Students must have cleared graduation from a recognised board or equivalent in any subject / field to be eligible for PG Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy.


The PG Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy syllabus covers a wide variety of topics from power of meditation to healing through herbal drugs. Check the complete list :
• Human Anatomy and Physiology, Natural Hygiene and First Aid
• Indian System of Medicine, Biochemistry
• Diagnostic Methods and Management of Disease by Naturopathy & Yoga
• Philosophy and Principles of Yoga, Hatha Yoga
• Extraction, Isolation and Analysis of Phytopharmaceuticals
• Screening and Standardization of Herbal drugs
• AYUSH Regulatory Affairs (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, Yoga and Naturopathy)

PG Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy Course Suitability

• This course is suitable for those who want to have their own gyms, fitness centres, health clubs to offer  variety of exercise routines such as weightlifting, aerobics, karate, kickboxing, spin cycling, yoga. 

•  Candidates who want to become good instructors, pursue fitness or become reliable medical practitioners.

•  Trainers with the appropriate credentials can teach anyone who is willing to pay to be healthy and active, from workaholic executives to stressed-out CEOs, politicians, self-conscious students, and middle-aged housewives.

• Lastly, people who want to put the great discoveries, wisdom, vision & legacy of India on the world map.

Career Scope after PG Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy ?

Put that question to an end, the field of health care, particularly yoga and naturopathy, will flourish, especially after the COVID pandemic. Yoga and natural therapies are outperforming the need for allopathic therapies around the world. You can work as a teacher, a doctor, a business owner, or a government employee & render your services across the globe. 

Various Job Prospects

Ayurvedic Doctors, Clinical Psychologist, Trainer/Instructor, Yoga Aerobics Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher & many more.

Employment Areas

Academic Institutes, Clinics & Hospitals, Event & Sports Centres, Health Clubs, Yoga & Naturopathy Centres, Private Companies, Business,  Personal Clinics, Start-ups, Government Jobs, Ministry Of Ayush , etc.


PG Diploma In Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences is a great career choice for yoga  enthusiasts & people who understand & wish to attain expertise in natural medicines & healing. The salary of a PG-DNYS candidate can vary from 2 lakhs – 7 Lakhs per annum, depending upon the job & credibility of the person.


Candidates enrolled in this course will be provided  with a certificate that holds the grades in the  field of yoga & naruropathy. It is provided to benefit the students in getting a job with a perfect profile presentability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Postgraduation Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy a good course ? Is it beneficial for your career ?

A. Yes, PG-DNYS is a great career option as yoga & natural medicines are overtaking the demand for allopathic treatments globally espeically after the COVID pandemic. It will be in huge deamand in future. It offers a a variety of career options like  Ayurvedic Doctors, Clinical Psychologist, Trainer/Instructor, etc ; not just in India but also in foreign countries like America, Canada, Australia, Germany etc.

Q.What are the career options after PG-DNYS course?

A. There are various career options like Yoga Teacher, Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy, Yoga Aerobic Instructor,  Yoga Consultant Publication Officer, Ayurvedic Doctors, Clinical Psychologist, Trainer/Instructor, in multiple sectors such as school, colleges, private companies, entrepreneurship & government jobs; both in India & foreign countries.

Q. How to do a PG-DNYS course as a beginner in India ? What are the qualifications needed ?

A. As a beginner you can start by simply applying for the course here  or you can also go for a  foundation course in yoga & naturopathy  or a diploma for better understanding & experience. No such qualifications are required except  graduation in any field

Q.  What is the duration for the PG Diploma In Naturopathy & Yogic Science Course ?

A. It is a 1 year postgraduation course which gives you deep- practical insights about the natural healing methods of yoga & naturopathy. 

Q. How much does it cost to be a naturopath or a yoga instructor ?

A. Although, these are very promising career feilds, but they only cost you around 8-10K to do a course in naturoapthy or/& yoga.  You can contact us personally for more information.

Q. How to get admission in foundation course in yoga ?

A. You can either apply online now or contact us personally for the admission process. You can also email or call us for inquiries.

Q.Why should you choose Paharia Foundation For Health & Education?

A. Paharia Foundation For Health & Education is a channel partner with PQMS, which is part of the Ministry of Ayush, for yoga courses. We provide high-quality courses at reasonable pricing and consider your success to be our own.